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Nora JS Voon

They come in peace, we promise. The Wnks came to earth to party but stayed for our delicious hot brown liquid (coffee) and triangular delicious (pizza). I mean who can blame them!

The Wnks are Noda’s newest creation, inspired by founder Nora Voon’s love for curios with a backstory. The Wnks are from planet Nudge — where it’s never not night. They are gentle, creative and expressive - sounds a lot like the team at Noda!

Since they have no plans to head home, we’ve brought them on at Noda as our newest interns! And you can meet them at Design TO in 2021 with Adobe AR (it’s like PokemonGo). And going forward they’ll appear on all kinds of products.

Meet the team.

Let’s start with Norm-Norm, who is a newbie to sports, a natural to cheering. Norm-Norm is the IT of the Wnks spaceship, but has taken a liking to earth’s athletics - or maybe it’s the stadium snacks!

Now Fringey is all chill. Covered in a veil of fringe, floating amongst the clouds. Fringey is known for her calming personality, that is until her prickly rage ruptures. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, duck.

Starry Smith, is all secrets and no tell. A teleported, a galactic art enthusiast, Starry is an observer. But when you unlock Starry’s trust, all is revealed. It’s magical.

And last, oh but never least is Tags with lashes that are as long as Wednesday! And lips as pouty as Thursday. Tags is a darling with a passion for fashion. If she had to choose you over a couture handbag, she’d just choose the bag. That’s not to say she’s cruel, the opposite, if you get caught in her aura it feels like being hugged by a zillion adorable meerkats.