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RIRI. Dining chair - FRIDA BY NODA

FRIDA BY NODA is crafted in Central Java, Indonesia. We target zero waste by recycling, reusing off-cuts and excess materials, and utilising eco-friendly packaging.

FRIDA BY NODA is special order and will take 10 to 12 weeks to arrive.

Solid Steel
Recyclable handwoven synthetic cords, high quality materials manufactured in Indonesia   

31.9" Height 
20" Width 
20.4" Depth

- Use low pressure cold water, at least 6 times a year, and wipe dry
-Regular cleaning with dry cloth to wipe dust, dirt and water. Do not use alcohol, ammonium, thinners or abrasive products
 -In coastal or breaking surfs areas, the products should be cleaned weekly with fresh water. Kept dry by using covers or stored inside when not being used to reduce the possibility of rust. 
-When moving or storing products, protect the frames with cardboards, foam boards or other protective cloths.
-Avoid any rough or sharp objects being scrapped or rubbed against the products
-In case of damage to metal surface, promptly restore to protect the surface from corrosion and rust. Immediately apply protection using ant-corrosion surface coating according to the specified coating manufacturer’s instruction.

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