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Wrap yourself in one of our favourite Poetry blanket/scarf made by designer Karien Belle who is a South African designer, living between Cape Town, Paris and Delhi. Karien uses the finest linens, cottons and wools when making her handmade and hand-embroidered poetry scarves.
Bold and wonderfully versatile, her scarves can be worn as a shawl, wrap, scarf or even used as a colourful throw, draped over furniture or simply take it with you to the beach and camping. We can't get enough of these, get yours before they fly off the shelf.

These are the nights
That live on forever.
In the laughter of a friend, in the force
Of my wheels
Hauling across the
Country road, in the
Forest surrounding
Us. And if we ever tire the wind will
Sing us to sleep

MATERIAL: Wool and Cotton Embroidery

Hand made in South Africa by Karien Belle

dimensions: 41"W x 82"H

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